Passing by~

I only have a few minutes before I close my laptop, so here’s a short release. Another chapter of Boy of the Female Wolf to close out volume 13. Next week we’re starting volume 14. We’re all geared up for that.
I know I promised a chapter from the other series, and I have them nearly done, it’s just that I had to work more overtime this week, so I didn’t finish up all the redraws in Sandwich Girl. There are only a few pages left, so I should be done very fast tomorrow. No worries, the chapters will come out soon.

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We’re on a roll here

I’m starting to like these last few weeks – the scanlation part that is. We’ve managed to find great people, and therefore, we succeeded in shipping out so many chapters at once. The two wonderful teams – Tomodachi Fansub and Secret Room Scans – have been so great and worked tirelessly these past couple of months, that it makes me feel that I don’t do much at all to help this project move along. 

Anyhow, please do go to their websites and thank them properly, too. They deserve it.

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