What happened?!

As some of you may have noticed, the site crashed these previous two (three?) weeks. It finally went back up yesterday, so we’re back in business. So what happened? It happened that one of the providers that we’re using has had some bad reputation and it kept sending error messages and abusing the server of our hoster, so they shut down our website. Nice, right? And it just so happens that we just recently changed to this hosting barely two months ago. Not happy with that, at all. With several messages and pleads going back and forth between them and us, we finally got the “okay” to get our site back. Now I’m definitely making a separate site and keeping a backup for everything, in case it happens again.

I must mention that I also noticed that our last post also got deleted (the SG’s latest release), and any and all of our previous work and changes leading up to the blockage of our site, so we’re bringing you that release today once more. It’s been up on Batoto, but some of you might not have caught that.

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