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Yes, hi again~! 八(^□^*)

So today we’re bringing you a new release. One with a girl that tends to be violent, but who doesn’t tend to be violent every now and then in manhwas, right? Oh, and she also loves to eat a lot.
Anyhow, on this release, I’ve re-worked a bit on the typesetting we’re going to use on this series from now on. So I hope you like it. It’s easier to follow the storyline now. Also, I fixed the names of the characters, so they should be consistent from now on. So yeah for that!

On a side note, my next project that I’ll finish will most likely be Boy of the Female Wolf, so please look forward to that. I have some great news coming for you with the next release. Keep cheering us on.

As for the others series, not much has changed from the previous post and its update, except that the founder of Finger Scans came back and is willing to help us out and continue translating. She already translated the rest of Kare no 1-ban ni Naru Houhou. Isn’t that awesome?!! But hey, we do need those cleaners for all these wonderful series, so get those fingers working and try and see if you can help us out.

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Sandwich Girl Volume 5 Chapter 22


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7 thoughts on “A new cookie

  1. OMG I’m in love. Thank you so much for releasing the sandwich girl chapters. ❤️?❤️ It is very much appericated, and everyone’s hard work too. Thank you☺️

  2. hello *-* thanks for you hardwork!! <3
    may I know if you are still translating Noble's Love Company ? It's been so long since the last update ;w;

    • We were negotiating the continuation of the joint with another group to work on NLC, but we still have not heard from them back, so it will take a while. But we definitely do not plan to drop it, yet.

  3. Awesome news, thanks so much for all your hard work to bring us chapters. Really looking forward to Boy of the Female Wolf, personally, cant wait 🙂

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