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Once again, we had problems with our server, so we were down for a few days. Sorry about the scare again. Haha Lately, this happens every time I decide to make a release. Oh, well~!

Today we’re bringing you another chapter of Boy of the Female Wolf.  Special thanks again goes to Tomodachi Fansub and Secret Room Scans for the endless support on this series as always.

Good news for some of you. We just recently recruited a new typesetter, who’s first gonna help on finishing up Sandwich Girl, and then move to other projects. The releases might still be a bit slow, considering there are 4 more chapters left to be cleaned, but other than that, the chapters should be out soon.
We also recruited a translator, so we’ll be able to start working on our other two remaining projects. Yuhuuu!!

Of course, it still might be a bit challenging, considering we still need at least one cleaner. We have ZERO cleaners. So, please join and help if you can.

If you think you have what it takes to help in either of the positions (translator, proofreader, typesetter, cleaner) for any of our other series, then consider joining me and speed up the process on releasing the chapters faster and with better quality.

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Boy of the Female Wolf Volume 15 Chapter 91

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