What happened?!

As some of you may have noticed, the site crashed these previous two (three?) weeks. It finally went back up yesterday, so we’re back in business. So what happened? It happened that one of the providers that we’re using has had some bad reputation and it kept sending error messages and abusing the server of our hoster, so they shut down our website. Nice, right? And it just so happens that we just recently changed to this hosting barely two months ago. Not happy with that, at all. With several messages and pleads going back and forth between them and us, we finally got the “okay” to get our site back. Now I’m definitely making a separate site and keeping a backup for everything, in case it happens again.

I must mention that I also noticed that our last post also got deleted (the SG’s latest release), and any and all of our previous work and changes leading up to the blockage of our site, so we’re bringing you that release today once more. It’s been up on Batoto, but some of you might not have caught that.

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Knock, knock…?

*cough*cough* Anyone out there?

So, guess what everyone? We’re back from the dead. Well, the group is, but not so much (all) the members. This past year has been a real struggle and for the longest time we had no people that worked in the group. The admins left, and soon after the staff members left, too.
Well, I refused to give up and since last summer I’ve been trying to pull everything together. Then soon winter came, and Yoshi, our dear Tech Admin, showed up, asking what’s wrong with the group and whether we should delete the pages, forum, and the reader. With some amazing skills, I persuaded him not to. Gotta give it to the guy. Not a big number of people would just wait more than a year when it’s obvious there’s absolutely ZERO development. *you could see the tumbleweed rolling pass this place*
So please say a big thanks to him for keeping this site and not letting me pull him to shut this place down. O(≧∇≦)O

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Release & Important Announcement

Boy of The Female Wolf Volume 12 Chapter 4

The people who made this happen :

Raw Scanner : Kangta

Translator : Jen

Proofreader : Denise & Mai

Cleaner : Crystal

Typesetter : Mai

Qcer : Jen

[release id=53]

This is a free scanlations by FANS and for FANS. Please support the original artist/author by buying the original volume when it is available in your country!
Be the first to read our release http://fingerscans.it.cx/reader/

To all reader,
Currently, we only have 1 Korean Translator, from now on we will be updating regularly, however we will only choose 1 project at one time. From all the actives project we have please reply this post by choosing 1 project that you want to read the most (excluding joint project; Nobles’ Love Company & Love Like Crazy), other active projects will be moved to on hold until 1 project is done. But if we have a new ACTIVE translator, we may work with more than 1 project at once. Voting will be close at 14/02/17, result will be announce the next day.
I am going to remove ALL INACTIVE STAFFS. To prove your activeness please e-mail to fingerscans@gmail.com before 14/02/17 including admins!
Email me the project you wish to work with and your position in that project.
Thank you,

Release & Short Announcement

Hello everyone, because it seems we have lost contact with one of our admin, I’ll be handling Bodyguard project temporarily, we’re going to release the next chapter of Bodyguard soon.

And I’ve fixed the order of Nobles’ Love Company Volume 2 Chapter 2 , you can read it here:

[release id=43]
Thank you for Buggy0610 for telling me this! ^^


Next, we really need a new and active Korean Translator, because right now we only have 2 Korean translators and it’s very hard for us to translate the current projects we’re having. If we’re not having a new K-translator soon, we won’t be picking up a new project after CCC and it’s quite possible that we’ll have to hold one of the project we’re currently doing. ㅠㅠ


Finally, here’s a new release for you!! 😀

Sandwich Girl Volume 5 Chapter 1


The people who made this happen :

Raw : Kangta & nugaya (for re-uploading)

Translator : Jen

Proofreader : leilockheart

Cleaner : nugaya

Typesetter : leilockheart

Qcer : Jen



This is a free scanlations by FANS and for FANS. Please support the original artist/author by buying the original volume when it is available in your country!
Be the first to read our release http://fingerscans.it.cx/reader/

[release id=46]

Announcement & Release CCC Chapter 17

Hello everyone 🙂

Unfortunately,  Finger Scans will only be scanlating Crazy Coffee Cat (CCC) until chapter 20 only.


Because the the rest of the chapters (chapter 21-217) have been deleted in naver. Unless we have the raw of the manhwa volume, we won’t continue scanlating CCC. 

So after chapter 20, we’ll be picking up a new project so you can put a manga/manhwa request in the request thread here, and we’ll put a vote to which new series we’ll scanlate later.


And we’re always in need of new staffs, be a part of the team! (CLICK HERE)


So here’s Crazy Coffee Cat Chapter 17 for you 

[release id=44]

The people who made this happen :

Raw : naver

Translator : getloose

Proofreader : yuki & nagaa

Cleaner : Cadis

Typesetter : Cadis & Jen

Qcer : Jen



This is a free scanlations by FANS and for FANS. Please support the original artist/author by buying the original volume when it is available in your country!
Be the first to read our release http://fingerscans.it.cx/reader/

New Policy

Hey guys, sorry that we keep changing our policy…

I got some suggestion regarding our old policy, after putting some thought to it, I feel like changing the whole policy once more.

We have a 72 hours after our release hosting policy, however it seems that none of the hosting sites obey this,

I won’t go to each and every hosting sites and ask them to do something about this, instead, the policy will change.


1.) There are no waiting time to host our release(s) in any hosting site(s).

2.) Do not change or re-order any pages in the release, do not take out any page as well.

3.) If you’re putting it on your blog/site, please link the download link to our mediafire link!

4.) Do not use our release for your own profit! We do this for free, from fans and for fans!


If you want to re-translate any of our project, please send us an e-mail before hand to fingerscans@gmail.com

For re-translation group, my computer got virus, so all the data about re-translation group has been deleted, please e-mail once more to fingerscans@gmail.com with your group name, language, blog/site link, and the project that you re-translate.



Lastly, we are still recruiting translators, cleaners, and typesetters. Contact us or read the application page.

(For cleaners and typesetters, we’re only accepting experienced one.)


Thank you and have a nice day.

We need you!

Hello everyone!


We’re currently in need of proofreader(s) right now, someone who can proofread it fast, but reliable, also active.

If you think you have what it takes to be our proofreader, grab the proofreader test here and send us an e-mail to fingerscans@gmail.com


We also need korean translator to help us translate more manhwas! Send us an e-mail if you want to help us!


Use this format to send us the e-mail

Name :

Nickname :

Timezone :

Position you’re applying for : Proofreader/K-translator

Test : (fill blank for those who are applying as translator)

Skype :

Comment :


Thank you and have a nice day ^^!



A little announcement ^^

Hello everyone ^^


I just wanted to inform you a few things around here ^^!~


First of all, regarding Megane Danshi Kurabu project, we will only be scanlating the first volume.  We won’t be scanlating the second volume which is Moe Megane Danshi Kurabu. The reason for this is because we don’t have the raw and we’re short on translator. For the last two chapters of Megane Danshi Kurabu, we’re very grateful to CookieMonster who is willing to share her raws and even translating it for us!

But don’t worry! It seems that some other group will take the second volume ^^


Second, some of you might know that we’re supposed to have Crab Kiss as our future project, however since other scanlation group has already taken it, we won’t do this project. So if you want update about Crab Kiss, don’t wait for us and you can get it from the other scanlation group.


Lastly, we are in need of staffs! We need Korean Translator, Proofreader, Cleaner, Typesetter, and raw providers. It will be very great if you can be an active, fast, and reliable translator/proofreader/cleaner/typesetter, since most of our staffs seems to be in hiatus right now ._.

You can e-mail me to fingerscans@gmail.com !


Well, that’s all!

I’ll be sure to bring some more chapters of your favorite manhwa/manga when I’m back 😀