Knock, knock…?

*cough*cough* Anyone out there?

So, guess what everyone? We’re back from the dead. Well, the group is, but not so much (all) the members. This past year has been a real struggle and for the longest time we had no people that worked in the group. The admins left, and soon after the staff members left, too.
Well, I refused to give up and since last summer I’ve been trying to pull everything together. Then soon winter came, and Yoshi, our dear Tech Admin, showed up, asking what’s wrong with the group and whether we should delete the pages, forum, and the reader. With some amazing skills, I persuaded him not to. Gotta give it to the guy. Not a big number of people would just wait more than a year when it’s obvious there’s absolutely ZERO development. *you could see the tumbleweed rolling pass this place*
So please say a big thanks to him for keeping this site and not letting me pull him to shut this place down. O(≧∇≦)O

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Finally we’re proud to present a new chapter of BODYGUARD by Hwang Mi Ri ^o^

A very special thanks to Cadis & Hyunnie~ because the two of them clean & typeset this chapter so fast even though it’s very hard to clean the raw file that we have, thank you so much guys ㅠㅠ

And let’s not forget to thanks our lovely translator Thu and proofreader CheshireCaine <3

Thanks to these 4 amazing people, the next chapter will be up soon ~

We need more people to work on this project! We need V-E/K-E translator, PR,cleaner, and typesetter!



And now, here’s the new chapter for you with a higher quality scanlation than the last chapter ~<3

(We might re-release volume 3 chapter 1, because the quality of that chapter is really bad .__.)

The people who made this happen :

Raw : vnsharing

Translator : Thu

Proofreader : CheshireCaine

Cleaner : Cadis & Hyunnie~

Typesetter : Cadis

Qcer : Jen



This is a free scanlations by FANS and for FANS. Please support the original artist/author by buying the original volume when it is available in your country!
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