Happy New Year~


Let’s make this day a little more festive~! I hope everyone’s new year has started off good. I wish that you all left all the bad things in the previous year, and that this year will be only full of laughter, good memories, and wonderful new travels and adventures.
Thank you for supporting our group all this time, and with this new year we hope we’ll bring you lots of new chapters that you will all enjoy~!

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Passing by~

I only have a few minutes before I close my laptop, so here’s a short release. Another chapter of Boy of the Female Wolf to close out volume 13. Next week we’re starting volume 14. We’re all geared up for that.
I know I promised a chapter from the other series, and I have them nearly done, it’s just that I had to work more overtime this week, so I didn’t finish up all the redraws in Sandwich Girl. There are only a few pages left, so I should be done very fast tomorrow. No worries, the chapters will come out soon.

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