Fall is here

…and so are the releases. ^^;

Thank you for waiting so long. I was traveling to five different countries in the past 2.5 months, so I had almost zero time to work on any of the chapters. I do apologize for not notifying everyone beforehand, but now I’m back, so the releases should be much faster.

As with our previous releases, we always send our special thanks to Tomodachi Fansub and Secret Room Scans for helping BOTFW. Only three chapters left before the series finishes. Are you all excited? I know I am so very ready for it to be finally finished.
Also, there’s another chapter of SG release for today, so that’s also exciting. We have two volumes left before finishing that series, and only 3 chapters left to clean. I hope someone can step in and help with this cleaning. Please?

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy today’s releases. Bodyguard and Kare will continue with releases as soon as we finish these two.


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