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Ah~! There was another mistake again! I wonder why none of you emailed us that the download links for the last couple of chapters were mixed up?! Well, the link has been fixed, so you can download chapter 93 now as well. I hope you guys are utilizing our reader as well, because that one is always correctly updated. ^^

Today we’re bringing you another chapter of Boy of the Female Wolf. We’re not having weekly releases now, but more like bi-monthly releases, since our editing team has some very important real life situations that need to be taken care of, so we’re slowing it down a notch. Not too much, so you’ll still get your chapters at least once a month. So, because of that make sure to go also say your thanks to our two wonderful partners – Tomodachi Fansub and Secret Room Scans.

In any case, any additional help would be greatly appreciated, so please consider joining us~

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Boy of the Female Wolf Volume 16 Chapter 94

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