No new chapter

The title will probably prevent you from reading this post, but what the heck, let me write couple of words anyhow.

Unfortunately, there is no new chapter this week. Don’t worry, though. The chapters are being worked on, and nothing has been dropped, but we had some issues in our real life that prevented us from finishing a good quality chapter for this week. I spent my days this week locked up in my office until 11PM almost every day, and I just couldn’t catch up with scanlation work. I really do apologize, but you will most certainly have a chapter next Sunday. So don’t be too distraught.

Oh, also this one email I got two days ago with no title subject and simply these words: “Please update faster T.T” made me not even want to work on the next chapter. I’m trying really hard to focus just on the “please” part, but it’s hard to not see the rest of it. No emotion in it. I guess releasing a chapter once a week isn’t fast enough. Sorry I’m not a machine, but I’ll strive harder to become one one day. We all have dreams~! This will be my dream from now on.

In any case, try and see if you can help me out in releasing the chapters faster and join the team. (: Join Us


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With love,

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