Passing by~

I only have a few minutes before I close my laptop, so here’s a short release. Another chapter of Boy of the Female Wolf to close out volume 13. Next week we’re starting volume 14. We’re all geared up for that.
I know I promised a chapter from the other series, and I have them nearly done, it’s just that I had to work more overtime this week, so I didn’t finish up all the redraws in Sandwich Girl. There are only a few pages left, so I should be done very fast tomorrow. No worries, the chapters will come out soon.

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We’re on a roll here

I’m starting to like these last few weeks – the scanlation part that is. We’ve managed to find great people, and therefore, we succeeded in shipping out so many chapters at once. The two wonderful teams – Tomodachi Fansub and Secret Room Scans – have been so great and worked tirelessly these past couple of months, that it makes me feel that I don’t do much at all to help this project move along. 

Anyhow, please do go to their websites and thank them properly, too. They deserve it.

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A new cookie

Yes, hi again~! 八(^□^*)

So today we’re bringing you a new release. One with a girl that tends to be violent, but who doesn’t tend to be violent every now and then in manhwas, right? Oh, and she also loves to eat a lot.
Anyhow, on this release, I’ve re-worked a bit on the typesetting we’re going to use on this series from now on. So I hope you like it. It’s easier to follow the storyline now. Also, I fixed the names of the characters, so they should be consistent from now on. So yeah for that!

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Knock, knock…?

*cough*cough* Anyone out there?

So, guess what everyone? We’re back from the dead. Well, the group is, but not so much (all) the members. This past year has been a real struggle and for the longest time we had no people that worked in the group. The admins left, and soon after the staff members left, too.
Well, I refused to give up and since last summer I’ve been trying to pull everything together. Then soon winter came, and Yoshi, our dear Tech Admin, showed up, asking what’s wrong with the group and whether we should delete the pages, forum, and the reader. With some amazing skills, I persuaded him not to. Gotta give it to the guy. Not a big number of people would just wait more than a year when it’s obvious there’s absolutely ZERO development. *you could see the tumbleweed rolling pass this place*
So please say a big thanks to him for keeping this site and not letting me pull him to shut this place down. O(≧∇≦)O

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Sandwich Girl Volume 5 Chapter 3

From now on Finger Scans will only be scanlating Sandwich Girl by Han Yu Rang and Boy of The Female Wolf afterward (excluding joint project), only 3 volumes and 1 chapter left, we will try to update more regularly either once a month or once in two weeks, but please know that we only have 2 staffs and 1 tech admin at the moment. We need active and fast Cleaner/Typesetter/Proofreader for Sandwich Girl, if you are interested please mail


Sandwich Girl Volume 5 Chapter 3

The people who made this happen :

Raw Scanner : Kangta & nugaya (for reuploading)

Translator : Jen

Proofreader : Chrysiie_Exom

Cleaner : Crystal

Typesetter : Cadis & Jen

Qcer : Jen

[release id=54]



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