Kare no 1-Ban ni Naru Houhou

Kare thumbAlternative names – 彼の1番になる方法 (Japanese), How to be his number 1 (English)
Author – ODAWARA Mizue
Status in Japan – 2 Volumes (Complete)
Scanlation status – Ongoing
Year – 2010
Publisher – Akita Shoten
Magazine – Petit Princess
Genre – Romance, School Life, Shoujo
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– Spanish: Himitsu Atelier & Black Bird no Fansub & Sweet Yaoi Fansub
– French: Ichigo, chocolate and cake

Chiaki had to suddenly transfer from Tokyo to a secluded village in the countryside, because of her father’s job transfer. Though longing to go back to Tokyo, in her new school she met Miya, whom she initially hated, but as time went by the feelings of hate changed to love. Now, while using her own skills, and competing with the other girls that stick to Miya, she will try to win his love. “I want to be his No.1.”


Kare no 1-ban ni naru Houhou v01

2012.10.09   Chapter 01
2014.05.20   Chapter 02
0000.00.00   Chapter 03
0000.00.00   Chapter 04


Kare no 1-ban ni naru Houhou v02

0000.00.00   Chapter 05
0000.00.00   Chapter 06
0000.00.00   Chapter 07
0000.00.00   Chapter 08
0000.00.00   Extra