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Of course we all want to find out when is the next chapter coming out from your favourite series, but little often do we realize the process that goes behind the curtains in order for you to get your chapter.

Let us begin with today’s class~
It first starts off by finding the raws for a particular chapter, which is quite difficult. When the raws have been finally found, they then go to scanning and getting them ready to translate and clean. After it has been translated, a very intense proofreading is being done to make sure the translation is perfect enough. The next step would be the cleaning process, which requires a lot of steps, and afterwards it is being shipped to the typesetter to place the proofread text on the nicely cleaned pages. Lastly, when the typesetters is done with his part of the job, the quality checker comes to make sure all the previous tasks have been done beautifully and preps the files into a single chapter and sends it off to get it released.
Here comes the reader and enjoys the marvelous work the team that worked on that chapter has done and appreciates their effort.

Thank you~

Now, after you were educated what goes on behind the scenes, let us take you on a journey to see the status of that next chapter. To find that out

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Please be aware that all other questions about the status or requests to speed things up through our e-mail or comment, will be beautifully ignored.