Release & Short Announcement

Hello everyone, because it seems we have lost contact with one of our admin, I’ll be handling Bodyguard project temporarily, we’re going to release the next chapter of Bodyguard soon.

And I’ve fixed the order of Nobles’ Love Company Volume 2 Chapter 2 , you can read it here:

[release id=43]
Thank you for Buggy0610 for telling me this! ^^


Next, we really need a new and active Korean Translator, because right now we only have 2 Korean translators and it’s very hard for us to translate the current projects we’re having. If we’re not having a new K-translator soon, we won’t be picking up a new project after CCC and it’s quite possible that we’ll have to hold one of the project we’re currently doing. ㅠㅠ


Finally, here’s a new release for you!! 😀

Sandwich Girl Volume 5 Chapter 1


The people who made this happen :

Raw : Kangta & nugaya (for re-uploading)

Translator : Jen

Proofreader : leilockheart

Cleaner : nugaya

Typesetter : leilockheart

Qcer : Jen



This is a free scanlations by FANS and for FANS. Please support the original artist/author by buying the original volume when it is available in your country!
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One thought on “Release & Short Announcement

  1. thaaanks soo much for the new release, and first time ever I want to thank the staff personally, kangta nugaya the raw providers, I want to thank the translators and QC Jen, I also want to thank the proofreader and typesetter leilockheart and cleaner nugaya and ofcouse I also want to thank leilock heart for the typesetting,thanks so much for going through trouble and translate

    I am soo happy to hear that you guys somehow managed to handle the projects. so happy to see you guys active, it’s simply been driving me crazy to see how many han yu rang and hwang me ri projects are on hiatus and one after the other scanlation announcing there hiatus.

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