Sandwich Girl Volume 4 Chapter 3

Another new chapter of Sandwich Girl…

But I must apologized that I didn’t release this chapter yesterday, I totally forgot because I have 3 tests today… (_ _)

But… I actually have uploaded this chapter on our online reader ( since yesterday, if this ever happens again, try to check our online reader, because I usually upload it there first 🙂

This chapter is dedicated to our translator, cleaner, and typesetter Crystal’s birthday which is on 25th of November, also this is to celebrate our k-translator getloose’s birthday on 28th November 2012!!

At first, I was planning to release the chapters on 26th and 27th of November, but…. Well, I could only released it at 25th, today and tomorrow!

Happy belated birthday Crystal


Happy upcoming birthday getloose!


The people who made this happen :

Raw : Kangta

Translator : Jen

Proofreader : leilockheart

Cleaner : nugaya

Typesetter : leilockheart

Qcer : Jen



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