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Today we’re bringing you the last chapter of volume 15 from Boy of the Female Wolf. Now we have only 2 volumes left, which amounts to about 10 chapters. So close~!

Tomodachi Fansub is currently working tirelessly to finish up cleaning and typesetting the remaining 10 chapters, so give them a shout out to help ease the way. Secret Room Scans has already wrapped up with its translations, so our process is going smoothly, thanks to them.

On the other hand, our next project to wrap up should be Sandwich Girl. Both of the remaining volumes have been translated and proofread, now we just need to quickly edit the chapters.
Afterwards, we’re planning to focus on Bodyguard, if everything goes according to plan. If you think you have what it takes to help us, please consider joining. It would be much appreciated~

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Boy of the Female Wolf Volume 15 Chapter 92

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